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Canned Products

All the products are available in both regular and premium variety

Pineapple Slice

High quality whole size, machine cut, uniform pineapple slices are packed..

Fruit Cocktail

Ready to serve, uniformly cut pineapple, papaya, musk melon,..

Pineapple Tidbits

The pineapple slices are uniformly cut in to tidbits, which..

Pineapple Cubes

Uniformly cut, clear pineapple cubes in light sugar..

Pineapple Juice

Natural pineapple juice extracted from fresh pineapple by hydraulic ..
Primary & Secondary Packaging
Product NamePrimarySecondary
Pineapple Slices425g, 850g & 3.1Kg48, 24 & 6 No.
Pineapple Tidbits425g, 850g & 3.1Kg48, 24 & 6 No.
Fruit Cocktail425g, 850g & 3.1Kg48, 24 & 6 No.
Pineapple Cubes850g & 3.1Kg24 & 6 No.
Pineapple Juice850g & 3.1Kg24 & 6 No.
Pineapple Pulp50 & 100k BarrelNone